How do you generate insight while not getting trapped in its dynamics?

The game of innovation is a battle for insights that can be acted on quickly and effectively in a marketplace with constantly evolving requirements. It’s a journey of mastery requiring high energy for disciplined experimentation, savvy interpretation and novel reframing of possibilities.

In what follows, I explore some inherent paradoxes that leaders need to be aware of in order to realize the benefits of insight while not getting trapped in its complex dynamics. …

What do innovative executives, genius marketers, masterful sales people and the new breed of disruptive digital leaders all share in common?

A largely invisible skill-set is the fundamental core of all leadership and communication impact: listening.

The highly successful have an extraordinary capacity to listen deeply and well to the business and personal conversations that matter in the marketplace. Without such powerful, precise and acute listening, any subsequent speaking is liable to fall flat.

Business life is a highly connected series of “engaged listenings” — complex situations where listening dynamics afford a decisive professional and competitive edge: starting a new venture, leading a team, acquiring a company, negotiating a buy-out, strategizing with your partners, serving your clients, learning from your customers.

How do you generate real insight for jumping to the next level of disruptive business excellence?

“The most thought-provoking thing in our thought-provoking time is that we are still not thinking.”

Martin Heidegger

Are you constantly vexed by people challenges while introducing new business processes, changing organizational structure or shifting entrenched culture within an enterprise? Then what I call “World Design” will prove extraordinarily powerful in advancing your leadership goals and creating breakthrough results.

Embedded in what follows below, there are more than a dozen core insights you can discover and deploy almost immediately. If you contact me with 3 or more of them, I will show you in a half-hour session how to implement their power (plus the ones you may have missed) on stubborn problems confronting your enterprise.

James Milo

Milo is the founder and Chief Education Officer of KnowledgePassion, Inc. Connect with him at

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